Lost Love  LbNA # 18639 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerPappa Bear    
Placed DateJun 10 2006
Location??-??, PA
Found By Otis' Friends
Last Found Apr 29 2007
Hike Distance?

Love is what you think of when you are in the City that is the Cradle of Liberty. Travel from this place North-West on the Highway whose number sums to eight. You will have gone too far if you reach the town named for a kitchen utensil. Your designation sounds like a place of higher education… exit when you reach the state road whose number sums eleven and then follow this north to the “ethnic” road (Note: you will need to cross the bridge at the zigzag”).

The stone bridge that you cross is one of the oldest continuously working bridges in the country…. History surrounds you just like that of the Lost Love. Follow the ethnic road until you see the signs for the state park on your left (if you cross a second bridge you’ve gone too far). Enjoy the drive along the creek as you pass through the park.

The first parking lot that you come to is the Equestrian parking area, then the ball fields are next and then after a quick jog in the road you will see the main park entrance on your right. Make your way to the Visitor’s / Nature Center (past the rangers office) and find a parking spot in the last parking area. Pick up a park map and then look for the trail head at the Nature Center.

As you approach the office, you will notice a small fenced garden. Follow the sign to the trail passing though the garden (don’t forget to close the gate). The path will lead you out of the garden and behind the house to a bridge Enjoy this easy hike with lots to see along the way. You will cross three bridges and a number of informative signs along the way. When you come to the “T” in the trail at the creek, turn to the right (West). As you walk along the creek the trail will descend near the bottom, there are a number of benches for you to enjoy the view. Cross the bridge and continue to follow the trail.

You will need to “Walk the Planks” as you ascend the hill. Near the top, you will see a number of paths to the right… ignore them for now, this is the way back to the parking lot and keep walking straight You will start to see a single with blaze on the trees. You are walking parallel to the creek with a number of nice views. Keep walking passed the picnic area. Stop here if you need a rest and enjoy the activities. As you pass the picnic area you will go down another hill and notice that there are now Blue and White blazes on the trees. You will follow this trail for a while as it winds around. You will walk down into a group of large trees as you decend and cross a bridge with a sharp left turn (to the West). You are almost there at this point.

Up a small hill the trail will make a hard left and head south and cross a small trickle of water (at least when I was there). From the crossing, take 40 paces (going south along the trail). As you do this, you will need to navigate around a large tree that was blown down over the trail. You will walk between two trees (one with a blue blaze and one with a white blaze). From this point, take another 12 paces in the same direction. Look for the “twins” at 130 degrees. Take three paces towards them and then turn to the right. Take another three paces. You should see some slate along a tree that is blown down. There you will find what you seek.

Follow the trail back the way you came. At the Picnic area, you can cut through the parking lot and follow the road back to your car…. Or, you can continue to follow the trail just a bit longer. At the fork in the trail, follow it to the left (towards the double white blazes), take the left trail at the next fork (just feet way) and this will come up behind the bathroom right across from where you parked.

This is a very nice park and a very enjoyable walk

Once you have competed your search for Lost Love, make sure to visit the town that is named for the creek. Go back out to the ethnic highway and turn left and follow this to the next major intersection and turn left again. Using the park map, identify the state highway whose sum is 10 and turn left on that road.