Famous Faces From Wisconsin Series: Mark Tobey  LbNA # 18589

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateOct 9 2005
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 28 2008
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Famous Faces From Wisconsin Series

Mark Tobey

Internationally famous artist Mark Tobey was born on Dec. 11th 1890 in a small Wisconsin town. You’ll have to figure out which town. He studied art at the Chicago Institute of Art and later moved to New York to work as a fashion illustrator. His artwork has been compared to Abstract Expressionist, Jackson Pollock. However, Mark Tobey was more concerned with spirituality in art rather than Pollock’s emotionally charged works. Tobey spent much of his life traveling the world. He spent time in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. While in Asia, he studied Chinese calligraphy which had an enormous influence on his artwork. While Jackson Pollock was dripping, Tobey was building abstract paintings that employed calligraphic brushstrokes. He died in Switzerland in 1976.


After finding the small town Mark Tobey was born in, find the state park to the south of it. Tobey lived in this town for some time also. There are two peaks in this park that you can hike to. Both have vistas. Go to the vista of your choice. From where the trail starts to descend to the south, take 190 paces north to a fallen log on the left of the trail. Carefully lift the end of the log to find the box hidden underneath. Please make sure the box is totally hidden when finished.