Utah History Mystery  LbNA # 18543

OwnerEric & Susan    
Placed DateOct 8 2005
Location???, UT
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 22 2011
Hike Distance?

All boxes are alive and well as of 8/27/2008. Some people have commented that the instructions weren't clear, so I tweaked them a bit.

This is a Utah History mystery box set. There are 4 boxes. The first 3 have their clues here. Inside of each of the first 3 boxes is part of the clue of the fourth box. Two boxes are in Salt Lake County, two are in Davis County. The first three can easily be done in an afternoon (with a little planning), or you can do them separately. The fourth box can also be found in the same time frame. The three clues here are pretty tricky, but the ones in the boxes are easier, so that you can probably figure them out on the fly. Some useful places to look for the first 3 clues would be a good search engine (Google), the state of Utah web site (www.utah.gov), and street maps of Salt Lake and Davis counties (phone book). There is a Utah theme to some (but not all) of the clues. All are in local parks, and are easy to walk to. You might want to take some bread with you for numbers 1 and 3. Please be discreet – some of the boxes are in high traffic areas.

The stamps in the first 3 boxes are also clues to the final box.

Box #1: There is a parkway, named for a river, which was named for an Old World river. This parkway crosses a road that is named for a rifle, a snooty doctor, or possibly an early settler. At the intersection of the parkway and the road, there is a park named for the settler. Go to that park. At the start of the path is a wooden welcome sign, and a few steps more is a yellow sign giving a little history about the settler. Read that, and then proceed north along the path. Continue walking north next to the river. Watch for 1/10th mile markers next to the trail. #2 is just past the park. Shortly after marker #4, there is a bridge across the river. Cross the bridge and just to the north is another yellow sign labeled "Native American Campground." (Read about children playing with fire.) Between the sign and the bridge is a large tree. In the base of the tree, on the river side, is a hollow. Look behind the rocks for the letterbox. PLEASE REHIDE WELL! This is the 3rd time I've had to replace this box! (Replaced 3/22/2008)

Box #2: Go to "The City of Beautiful Homes and Gardens." There is a boulevard there with the same name as the city. On that boulevard are two places where Mike Weir might practice. Go about halfway between those places on the boulevard, and you'll find a neighborhood park. West of the basketball/tennis courts is a paved trail. Go north on the trail. Follow the path (it curves west) to the first intersection. From the middle of the “Y”, walk at 160 degrees to a tree, where the box is nestled at its roots (not more than 10 steps).

Box #3: There is a town that was founded in part because the people there loved their pets. (They wanted more than two dogs per household.) Go to that town, and find a park that is anything but rare. Find a goofy statue. On the sidewalk in front of it, walk south. Where the sidewalk splits, take the SW fork. Then turn right at the next intersection. Follow the sidewalk, past the pond and along the river. You will eventually come to a bridge that crosses the river to the west. Cross it, and immediately go south to a pavilion with a picnic table. From the NW posts of the pavilion, go 10 steps at 250 degrees, and you’ll see a tree with a broken trunk. Look at the back of the tree where the trunk landed and you'll find the box.

If you'd like a somewhat longer walk (this is a really nice park), you can start at the other end. There is a small parking lot at about 250 E. Golden Ave. Park there, start at the sidewalk with a telephone pole with the number 213635 on it. Bear mostly south, staying next to the river. You'll pass a baseball field, cross a bridge with green rails, pass a 4-headed monster, and eventually come to a bridge that crosses the river to the west. Cross it, and follow the directions above.

Box #4:

Clue A: __1__ / __2__ / __3__

Clue B: __1__ / __2__ / __3__

Go to the park suggested by Clue A, then to the specific site named in clue B, then look for a stone wall with a plaque in it, then look behind the big rock across from that wall.