UMass Exchange  LbNA # 18536

Placed DateOct 6 2005
CountyOther International
LocationVitznau, Switzerland, INT
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Background you don't need to know: My son studies at UMass in Amherst, Ma and is doing a year abroad at the DCT International School of Hotel and Business Management in Switzerland. This box is to honor his time there. One of these days I'll plant a companion on the UMass campus. How many of you will get both???

Clues: Make your way to Vitznau, Switzerland. We came by boat from Lucerne.
Go up the stairs and the the hill to the right of the boat dock and locate the white building with the DCT and UMass signs out front. Just past the fire hydrant is a paved path. Go up the hill beside the DCT building. Wave to the students:) At the end of the building go into the garden area. To the right of the slide, along the fence, are some big rocks. The bigget one, directly underneath the bush, has a loose white stone underneath. Tucked behind it and up against the rock is the UMASS EXCHANGE box-no ink, no log book. I had to keep it small. Please email me if you ever get out there!