Halloween 2005 Box  LbNA # 18487 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 5 2005
LocationEugene, OR
Planted ByCymruWitch    
Found By beccadaisy
Last Found Sep 29 2006
Hike Distance?


Your task is to find the historic Eugene cemetery at which the Hope Abbey is located. Most of the Natives should have an easy time with this, but if you're a Transplant it might take some detective work.

There are informational brochures about the cemetery and the abbey at the little cottage near the abbey. You can probably learn about most of Eugene's history by simply walking through this cemetery!

Your starting point is Hope Abbey.

Facing the abbey, take the gravel trail to your left that leads up the hill BEHIND the abbey. You'll know it's the right path if you stop and read about Thomas Condon.

Continue up that gravel trail and look for a little sign that says "Scatter Garden". It will point you down a dirt path to your left.

As you wander down this dirt path you'll notice many beautiful and unique monuments. One of these is a grand obliesk dedicated to the Huddleston family. Keep walking past the Huddlestons, but look for the grave of one "John Wesley Johnson".

When you see the final resting spot of John Wesley, hang a right onto a new trail. This trail will take you a bit further up the hill, and eventually you should see an oddly square stone sunken into the ground on your left.

Take the left at the square stone and you should immediately see a sign for dog walkers, and the Scatter Garden and bench beyond. You'll also notice a Brown Family Plot to your left. Walk down until this path dead ends, which isn't very far at all.

You'll see that another trail is going to intersect ahead, and right across that intersection is a more overgrown plot with a low cement barrier. Inside the southeast corner of that plot is a trail of ivy and under the ivy is the letterbox. Please make sure it is camoflauged well when you re-hide it.

***Please be respectful when walking through ANY cemetery. Also, this is a very popular spot for joggers and dog-walkers so be aware and discreet. Most of all, have a HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
**Bring your own inkpad & pen!***