Montana Memorial  LbNA # 18435

Placed DateOct 4 2005
Location???, NY
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 18 2013
Hike Distance?

Montana Memorial This box is placed in memory of our recently deceased dog, Montana. Begin at the college on the Hudson that is the very opposite of drab. Go down Blithewood Rd. to end. (Go right at the mansion to park in the rear.) Here is the place Montana loved to play soccer. From the huge scary-but-still-living-tree sight 270 degrees. (On the way you may want to detour to visit the molto bella Italianate walled garden. Montana was once guest of honor at a gathering here.) The lawn narrows, and just before it ends you will see a trail to the left, with a narrow tree in the middle of the trail head. Go downhill a short ways, then take the left fork. The letterbox is underneath the second bridge, on the right hand side. Please rehide carefully. There is no stamp pad - please bring your own. This area is no "no pets".