Tribute to the Wetlands  LbNA # 18276 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 26 2005
LocationEugene, OR
Planted ByTeam Springamajack    
Found By SUGAR
Last Found Aug 27 2007
Hike Distance?

When living in or visiting Eugene you can't help but notice all the natural Wetlands, and how desperately we are trying to save them. Welp this stamp is a tribute to the Wetlands themselves and to the people who work so hard to save them.

Directions: This box can be a quick drive by or a nice walk along the road or even on the bike path. You Pick! Starting from Valley River Center go North on Goodpasture Island Road. Pass all the car dealerships and enter the area where apartment complexes start. On the right hand side of the road you will see a little parking lot newly finished for viewing the Delta Ponds (it is right across the street from The Boulders Apartment Complex). There you will see all kinds of wild life. Park here and enjoy all you see.

Clue: From the driveway look at the trees on the south side. Find a tree with 3 trunks. There on the north side of the base is where you will find your prize under logs, rocks and a little dirt.

******* We recommend bringing brown and green pens to make the stamp colorful..AND.. Stamp a bunch of time in your log book to make a wetland of your own! *******

As Always ......PLEASE REHIDE IT BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT and BE DISCREET in this high traffic area.
Happy Hunting