Bird of a different color #7- Violet  LbNA # 18222

Placed DateSep 5 2005
LocationHannibal, NY
Planted Bywink    
Found By Scoot
Last Found May 7 2011
Hike Distance?

This is box number 7 in a 7-part series. This is the 1st series placed through the collaborative efforts of the WIZARDS OF OZ. Who are the Wizards? Craftymouse, Dandelion, WINK and Tarheel; all of us from Oswego!

This stamp is Carved by CRAFTYMOUSE, and AWESOME. It is well worth the trip. She has a great deal of artistic talent, and it shows in her carving.

Ink is included in these boxes, but you should bring your own pen. And bug spray! LOTS of bug spray!


This box has been a pain in my butt! I have moved it SEVERAL times, as I couldn't find the spot I wanted. I believe that, after many attempts at locating a safe hiding place, I have now found THE spot. This is the last bird in the "Bird of a Different color series" (Roy G. Biv, you better look out).

The box is located on the grounds of Hannibal High School. The High School is located on Cayuga St. in the Village of Hannibal (
Park in the Disrtic Offices lot. It is directly off of Cayuga St. next to the HS building.

3 years out, three changes in clues to get there. Since the Blow-Downs of last year, the place has been cleaned up nicely, and they have altered some of the paths. Here goes.......

To get to the box, you must walk between the large black rebound board and the tennis courts. Keep the tennis courts on your RIGHT at all times. Take a RIGHT after the tennis courts, and head towards the water tower and purple scoreboard. You will pass a baseball field on your left and the football field on your right. Just behind the scoreboard is a wooden stockade fence (It's short in length). There is an old entrance that is now closed here, but now you have to enter the trails a few yards before this entrance SO............ As you walk along the football field, about 30 yards or so before the stockade fence, take a left on the only visible trail into the woods. It is a crazy catacomb of trails in here, so follow along...cross over the bridge (bridge now gone. It is a dirt ditch), and take your first RIGHT after you have entered the woods. You will pass the "old" entrance on your right. As you continue, you will pass another entrance on your right. Keep going straight. There are a couple of "paths" to your left, but you contine to head straight. Go towards the shelter (with a picnic table in it) directly ahead of you. Pass this shelter with it ON YOUR RIGHT (Before it was on the left, and you took a trail/bridge that has been buried by a HUGE 3 TREE BLOW-DOWN. If you are interested, go around it, and look at the others. There are some HUGE ones in here. It is a shame *frown* ). Cross over the small bridge in front of you, and continue up the trail. You will head towards and pass, with it on your left, a "corral". It seems strange in the center of these woods. Soon you will arrive at a "V" choice in the path, with a downed pine in the middle (The old way, you'd be arriving at this point by the right fork in this "V"). Now you will notice a TALL twin pine to your right (at the trail choice), with a rotten stump sticking out. It is a few feet in off of the trail. In this rotted stump (now a pile of dust with old hunks of the stump) is what you seek. Now, BECAREFUL as to whom is watching. This is a maze of trails, and is used by lots of runners (and High Schoolers). The letterbox itself is hidden under debris and bark in the stump. When you've rehid it better than'll now go to the right fork and back to the shelter....or continue amongst the trails and look around. It's awesome back there. Happy hunting :)