The Crab Pot  LbNA # 18195 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 22 2005
LocationKenmore, WA
Found By The Wheelers Have Landed
Last Found May 30 2010
Hike Distance?

Message to Webmasters,

From: Jason Burke:

The following letterbox was removed due to poor maintenance, litter and expired
permit with the pronperty owner (Washington State Parks):

The Crab Pot LbNA #: 18195
Owner: Adoptable
Placement date: Jul 22 2005
State: Washington
County: King
Location/City: Kenmore
Number of boxes: 1

Please remove it from the website so that people don't damage the vegetation
looking for a cache that is not there.

Jason M. Burke
Park Ranger
Saint Edward State Park
(425) 823-2992


The Crab Pot is a letterbox planted by "The Boys of Summer". It is located in St. Edwards State Park near Bastyre University. Drive into the park and veer right at the y in the road. Go past the soccer fields and up to the parking lot near the gym.
From the gym, go in a South-SE direction back down the paved road to the fields. Across the road from the fields is the Arrowhead Trailhead. Take this trail due East under the Madrona tree (red bark).This is a biking/hiking trail, so heads up! Continue down trail past the Perimeter Trail marker on the left and take Volunteer Trail to the right heading 110 degrees E-SE. When you come to a fork in the trail, keep left, going due East.The trail will veer in a E-NE direction at the split birch. Cross the small stream and continue in a Northerly direction up the trail where you will come to the Haunted Troll Mansion (large uprooted stump). Take the switchback to the Northeast. Follow the path. You will switchback again to the West on the path and proceed past the double tree. Fifteen yards past the double tree, you arrive at the Leprechaun Ampitheatre (RR ties in trail and descending down incline). Will the wasp nest balcony still be hanging from the tree when you discover our Crab Pot? Only the Leprechauns know. Proceed down hill along the trail to a triangle of Douglas Firs. Orient off the center Doug at trail's edge. Will you be standing in a patch of Sweet Woodruff (Galium) as we were? Orient to 160 degrees S-SE. Go off trail about 10 steps to the nurse stump. The Crab Pot is buried beneath pine needles & dirt behind the nurse stump. Push HARD on the center of the lid to the "pot" to open it. Please leave the crab in the pot for fellow letterboxing enthusiasts to enjoy or perhaps for a hungry leprechaun. When you replace the lid, push hard again to seal it tightly. Next, go visit the Skunk Bucket...our first "plant".