LOTR Mt. Doom - Ringwraith  LbNA # 18182

Placed DateSep 11 2005
LocationMesa, CO
Planted ByCatamount Carvers    
Found By Connecticut Croaker
Last Found Jul 7 2014
Hike Distance?


A Ringwraith sentry is stationed on Mount Doom. From its vantage, this master of evil can survey vast territory for intruders. Some say a glimpse of this view is worth the risk of death at the hands of the Ringwraith.

If you so choose to risk all for a glimpse of this spectacular vista, pay homage to the cave troll, which shelters a precious cargo. Smeagol can show you the way by pointing at a bearing of 280 degrees where youíll see a boulder, which protrudes from another at 15 steps. Very quietly and sneakily, walk to that boulder. (To differentiate this protruding boulder from many others, note that there is a broken stump and downed log pointing west on its northwest side.) Standing on this boulder, look straight magnetic north to see a larger boulder that has a 20 ft aspen growing up behind it. Take about 18 very careful steps to this boulder, a few more steps around the west side of it and youíll be at the base of the aspen tree. Turn around, and gasp at this spectacular view, but not too loudly should you alert the evil sentry, which is napping beneath a rock just west of the aspenís base.

The Catamount Carvers say:

Handmade stamp
Handmade journal

Please use My Precioussss as reference to a magical half moon, which is your starting point.

Follow all recommendations found in the clues for My Precioussss.

The Catamount Carvers further recommend long pants unless you enjoy battle scars.

PLEASE make sure this is very carefully rehidden and completely out of view.

Be sure to find other Lord of the Ring boxes located around Mount Doom.