LOTR Mt. Doom - Screaming Orc  LbNA # 18181

Placed DateSep 11 2005
LocationMesa, CO
Planted ByCatamount Carvers    
Found By Azroadie
Last Found Jul 13 2011
Hike Distance?

Screaming Orc

They say, “don’t go in the bowl or the orcs catches you!” However, a quiet voice dares you to stand at the edge of the magical half moon and stare into that bowl. Can you feel the hair rise on the back of your neck? Can you hear the distant screaming of an enraged Orc? How is your courage? Are you well armed? If so, look down over the edge into the bowl. See the metallic, tubular Hobbit trap? It points out at a bearing of 70 degrees. If you dare, follow this line and ready your sword, as you approach the 6 foot fir that lies at 45 steps. The screaming Orc lies behind the tree and under the rock ready to ambush unsuspecting Hobbits.

The Catamount Carvers say:

Handmade stamp
Handmade journal

Please use My Precioussss as reference to the magical half moon and “giant bowl caused by nasty orcs what does evil things below the ground,” which is your starting point.

No wheelchairs
No strollers
Children fine
Dogs fine

PLEASE make sure this is very carefully rehidden and completely out of view.

Be sure to find other Lord of the Ring boxes located around Mount Doom.