Harold and Maude 2 (Mud Flats Magic)  LbNA # 18111 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 15 2005
LocationEmeryville, CA
Found By Princess Lea
Last Found Sep 29 2005
Hike Distance?

Scene: The picnic near the sea.

Well, be kind. I've lived a long
time, Harold, seen evil as well as
good, and it has been my experience
that kindness...

As Maude is talking and looking out to sea, Harold looks
down at her hand in his. She is not wearing a long-sleeved
dress and we see a number tattooed on her skin: P-876954.
Maude doesn't notice but Harold is visibly shocked.

... is what the world sorely lacks.
Oh, look!

Maude points and Harold looks out to sea.


A sea gull flies across the reddening sky.


Harold still holds Maude's hand.

Dreyfus once wrote that on
Devil's Island he would see the
most glorious birds. Many
years later in Britanny he
realized they had only been sea

She smiles at Harold and looks back out to sea.

To me they will always be -
glorious birds.

Harold keeps looking at Maude. The sun on the horizon
begins slowly to sink.

This scene was shot in the Emeryville mud flats off Highway 580, between the Ashby and Powell Street exits. They are indeed MUDDY, flat, full of stickers and do not offer much in the way of good hiding places. The flats are now part of the new Eastshore State Park.

Instead of hiding the box on the flats, I chose a nicer place (still very close) on Powell Street. Take the Powell Street exit toward the Holiday Inn. You may be able to park at the Holiday Inn for a few minutes while you locate the box, but if you want to do further exploring, there is a public garage in the Watergate Office complex, not far from Chevy's.

Walking across the street (CAREFUL!) you will see a little group of trees. (One of the trees is surrounded by a wooden bench where you can sit and stamp and look at the water.) The box is down in the bottom of the skinny tree on the right, covered by twigs and leaves.

There are some other boxes nearby in Berkeley and other places in Alameda County. Make a day of it!