Pelican Path Project - Missing  LbNA # 18093 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 11 2005
LocationSeabrook, TX
Planted ByCatGirl & 00J    
Found By Kingwood family of 5
Last Found Jan 29 2006
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is comemorating the beautiful painted pelicans that line the street of Seabrook. This box isn't located very far from my other box, Hear the Heron. Go to for a map of the locations of the pelicans(so you can look at them when you're done with the box) and pictures of all the pelicans. This box is located in Hester Garden Park, site UTC-079 on the Texas Coastal Birding Trail. Follow the driving directions for Hear the Heron, except that the park will not be so far down the road on your left.

From the parking lot, go down the main path to a water fountain. Across from the water fountain on your right is a group of 4 trees growing in a clump. box is at the base of first tree, covered by a rock and leaves and grass. Happy hunting, and please be discreet.