Anniversary  LbNA # 17803 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 27 2004
LocationEugene/marcola, OR
Found By Baqash
Last Found May 24 2009
Hike Distance?

Two boxes are hidden along a lovely one mile trail in Shotgun Creek park. If you haven't been here, it's totally worth the drive in summer/fall. IT's a 30 min drive from the center of Eugene. Beware this is a natural poison oak area.

Hop on the 105 going East
take 42 St exit
stay in left lane to curl left under the fwy.
You come to a T in the road, go right, following signs to Marcola
It's about 13 miles to Marcola, so sit back and enjoy the scenery
Drive through the small town of Marcola the turn off you seek is about 4 miles past it.
Look for a small sign showing Shotgun creek rec site.
You will turn left onto the small Shotgun creek road.
Stay right (don't take any of the left off shoot roads
The park is about 2 miles up this road. Don't go flying past it.
You will see the large brown sign where you turn in.
Pay $3 at the toll booth and park to the right. This is the lower section of the park with picnic tables and the human made water front (great safe place for kids to play in the water!)

The upper part of the park has two shelters one can rent for reunions, big parties, weddings, etc. There's a hiking trail that extends up along the river.

Directions to the trail: from the toll booth, walk North over the car bridge (crosses small creek). Take the trail to the right called Meadow Loop trail. Turn onto left hand trail that leads uphill and along the water.

Directions to Den:
Marker 16
13 paces past
Left side of trail
Large fallen log hides it
Crooked maple guards it

(it's under the log exactly under where the maple hovers overheard. Remove the large pieces of bark. You must reach WAY up under that log. It's ontop of a flat rock. Don't dig around in the soft earth it's NOT burried. Please rehide very carefully.) You may notice the two stamps fit together to form one picure and want to leave space for the second part on your page.

Clues to Bower:
Continue uphill on the trail. Enjoy huckleberries, looking at mushrooms, flowers, and the beautiful glimpses of the creek below.
Look for three large stumps on the left of the path and a branch forming a large arch overhead.
The bower box is hidden at the base of the largest stump (North side) and a vine maple grows out the top of that stump. If you come to the culvert, it's 25 paces too far.

Now you can walk back the way you came, or walk a loop by continuing on uphill. It's not far. At the juncture of Drurry Ridge Trail you can loop back to "camp" starting at the Meadow Loop trail. One mile we are told.

I hope you liked it.
Clan Hennessey