Half Dome  LbNA # 17771 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 28 2005
LocationYosemite, CA
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Before you start this trek, plan you're trip very carefully, lots of water or a plan for aquiring it along the way and food. Start this very strenuous, potentially dangerous, Yosemite Valley hike from Happy Isles Shuttle stop 16. Follow signs that lead to Half Dome. After 8 miles of hiking and climbing you will reach the top of Half Dome. When you get to the top of half dome start walking a couple hundred feet to the Northeast. Find a large flat rock about 3 to 4 feet wide with 10 circles cut in it. 9 of the circles are about 4 inches in diameter and the hole in the middle is about ten inches. Right next to it and above it is another large slab which looks like a 6 foot cover to a tomb. If you look under the Northwest corner of the lid you will find a natural shelf with an un-naturally placed small rock propped up on edge. The rock is about 12 inches and flat. Remove the small rock and you will have found the booty. There many rocks on top of half dome but my directions are good. If you want the GPS coordinates email me and I will give them to you. Of course even if you get up there and can't find it, you will still have achieved a tremendous feat of human endurance and determination. Enjoy and let me know how it went.