"Incensed" at the Playground  LbNA # 17735 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 28 2005
CountySan Francisco
LocationSan Francisco, CA
Found By Da Kool Kats
Last Found Oct 1 2005
Hike Distance?

NOTE: Paul in SF found this one first- I didn't update right away. Want to give credit where credit is due...

"Son observe the time and fly from evil.."

This inscription lets you know
The church to which you need to go
Peruse the tacky passing through
Plastic Buddahs; dead chickens, too!
Near the church you'll find a square
A playground, skaters,winos there
Find the bushes, count to nine
A treasure there you're sure to find

When you get to the square near the church, you will see the new playground, surrounded by a green metal fence. Go through the gate and face the "teeter totter." Observe the green bushes lining the back fence and count to nine.
At the base of the ninth bush, covered partially by sand and dirt, is the box.

Take a charm from the box if you are one of the lucky first finders. Also, take an incense stick to use there or for later meditation. Be sure to return one of the SASE postcards and let me know if you found this part of town interesting.

If you walk a few more more short blocks you can get some great fish and chips at the Irish Bank and pull a pint or two if you are old enough. Have one for me and salute San Francisco's beauty and diversity.

NOTE: The Irish Bank Is Located On Mark Lane - Just Off Bush Between Grant And Kearny Street