New River Trail (3)  LbNA # 1753 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 29 2003
LocationFoster Falls, Wythe County, VA
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NRT #1
Foster Falls, Wythe County, VA.
Placed 03-16-02 by Trail Seeker

Starting place is any New River Trail access. Along the New River Trail, heading south of Foster Falls Village, pass trail courtesy sign to nature's picnic table overlooking the New River. Resting here look 90 degrees and you will see some animal dens. Go to the one with a shelf at it's entrance. This shelf holds the NRT letterbox. Don't give up if it's not there. It has been found a few feet from it's hiding place before, but please return it to it's proper home on the shelf.

NRT #2 Shot Tower
Wythe County, VA
Placed 04-05-02 by TrailSeeker
Starting place is any New River Trail access point. From NRT mile post 25.2 go toward south/east to cross bridge. Go 60 paces from the bridge. Turn 0 degrees and take as many steps as needed to a bass wood tree, then turn right and step up onto a rock. There right in front of you at waist high, like a table for stamping up.

NRT #3 Biker
Wythe County, VA
Placed 07-05-02 by TrailSeeker
From the Shot Tower walk trail up stream of the river. Go to the 2nd 'large' rock that is on the trail's edge and river's side. On top and back the "Biker" rest. Just ahead on the trail is a grouping of boulders to sit and stamp up while listening to the river.