Peas in a Pod  LbNA # 17411 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 6 2005
LocationMadison, WI
Planted ByIli & Lil    
Found By Sunny Side Up
Last Found Apr 18 2009
Hike Distance?

Ili & Lil like to go letterboxing with bb & mee. Well, it’s really Lil and bb who love the letterboxing....Ili and mee are happy enough to go on a walk or two, but aren’t particularly hard-core about it. Lil and bb can spend hours talking about letterboxing, discussing clues, fawning over each other’s carved stamps, trading stamp pads, etc. etc.

One day when the letterboxing talk took over yet another social gathering, Ili exclaimed that Lil and bb were “two freaking peas in a pod.” This box is Lil and bb’s reply to her. The box was made by bb and planted by Lil (true, with a little help on clues from Ili).

Start off at the Farmer’s Market on a summer Saturday morning (or, start off where the market is held on Saturdays in summer). Find the street whose last two double letters could be replaced by one other letter to denote a popular vegetable. Walk north along that street, toward the lake. The street will come to a dead end with a red diamond shaped sign at the end of it. Turn right at the sign and walk into the bushes (pretty much where the sign points you). About 10 feet in, there will be a pale yellow brick/rock covering a hollow. You will probably not be able to see it from this entry point, as you are above it. Go in and down a little farther and a little to the left, then turn around and you should see it. Please be sure to hide it well when you’re done.