Sunset on Soul  LbNA # 17410

OwnerIli & Lil      
Placed DateAug 10 2005
Location???, WI
Found By???
Last UpdateJan 1 2011


Youíre not exactly sitting on the dock, and itís not exactly a bay youíre looking at, but this memorial does mark the final resting place of that singer/songwriter.

Looking out, you should see a turret off to the left, near the water. Walk toward the turret, along the water. The parking lot you come upon has meters, and each meter has a number (written on the car side of the little fence). Stand right between spots 24 and 25, turn toward the water and walk to the rocky bank. Stand on the rocks, facing the lot, even with the paint lines dividing spots 24 and 25. The letterbox is at your feet, slightly to the left, in the rocks very close to the vegetation, under two pale yellow rocks.
Please put it back carefully just as you found it.