Opti Sailing  LbNA # 17221 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 8 2005
CountyOntario, CAN
LocationKingston, ONT
Planted Byleafdolfan    
Found By Jiggs
Last Found Nov 14 2005
Hike Distance?

This letterbox will be archived throughout the winter, as it is not placed in a "snow friendly" spot, it will be returned next spring. Thank You!!!

Go to the park at across from Emily Street known as Richardson Beach where Murney Tower is. When you are in the park find the tree that was planted on September 20, 1998 by the following health care facilities: Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston General Hospital and Providence Continuing Care Centre (note: you will not have to go along the waterfront walk, stay in the park!), the plaque that tells about the tree is flat on the ground. Walk in a straight line towards the water (over the bench) until you come to a brick wall, you will now be four feet above the beach, walk down to the beach and back to same same spot, but at the bottom of the wall, you will be in between two trees the letterbox is in one of these two trees.

The box is very small and only has the log book and a stamp, so bring your own pen and stamp pad.