You're Not the Boss of Me  LbNA # 17181

Placed DateAug 6 2005
LocationCorvallis, OR
Planted ByThe Brat Pack    
Found By PemberleyGirl
Last Found Jun 25 2010
Hike Distance?

One fine Saturday, Maiden called Pupp and said "Let's go for a drive!". Pupp asked where they were going, Maiden suggested going to hide a letterbox. Pupp thought they should go to the fair. Maiden pointed out there was a really good fair in Corvallis going on that weekend so they headed down the road. As they passed Wilsonville, Maiden pointed out that she had just so happened to have a letterbox they could hide while they were out anyways. Pupp said, "No, we're going to the fair." Maiden said it would only take a minute or two. Pupp said, "You're not the boss of me, we're going to the fair!".

So they passed Wilsonville without planting the box. They pulled into the rest area just north of Albany to walk around and go to the bathroom and Maiden said, "We could plant the box here!" Pupp said, "We're not planting boxes, we're going to the fair." Maiden reminded her it would only take a minute, but Pupp said You're not the boss of me!" so we didn't plant the box there and they headed back down the road.

They pulled into Corvallis and parked at the Benton County fair grounds. Pupp said, "Let's go ride the rides!" but Maiden said, "Hey look there's a really cool trail over there. It would only take a minute to plant this box." And so, just to shut her up Pupp agreed to take a minute to plant the box. We headed down the trail, stopped to read the big long list of rules while Pupp muttered under her breat about OSU not being the boss of us either before continuing down the trail. We walked and walked and Pupp grumbled and fumed at Maiden. They came to a covered bridge and Pupp said, "That's it, I'm not going any further." Maiden insisted there's got to be a good spot just up the road a few more miles. Pupp looked at Maiden horrified and crossed the bridge, grabbed the box out of Maiden's hand, found an oak tree directly behind some information signs and placed it right at the base of the tree under a mossy branch. She turned around and said, "There! It's placed, now we're going to the fair because you're not the boss of me!"

And so they did!

Happy hunting.