Memaw's Challenge  LbNA # 17144 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 3 2005
Location???, VA
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Memaw’s Challenge Mystery Box

Difficulty: Once you locate the park, there is no hike necessary. Minor challenge in order to reach the hiding place.

This letterbox is located in a lovely suburban county in Virginia which was established in 1702. It was named in honor of the husband of England's reigning monarch, Queen Anne. He was a native of Denmark.

Once in the county, you will need to locate a county park named after a resident police officer who was killed in the line of duty. This lies adjacent to an official building where 12 citizens sit in judgment of their peers.

Park in the lot on your right and go to the picnic pavilion; face the nearest woods. From the pavilion you will be able to locate the largest downed tree with an exposed root ball. The tree slants upward to your left approximately 20 – 30 degrees. Yep, that’s where you will have to be. Climb up the length of the tree and locate Memaw’s Challenge Letterbox wrapped in brown plastic for camouflage. This does have a hand carved stamp but be forewarned, this is a first effort at carving!

You will be in view of others using the park playground so be discreet. The tables in the pavilion provide a nice place for stamping and to enjoy the picnic lunch you brought with you. There is a small food establishment adjacent to the bank if you neglected to bring food.

Be sure to replace the large piece of bark or other material as a base to support the box and cover with a small branch or twigs.

If you have small children with you, they will enjoy the playground. There may also be soccer games in progress across the way which you can watch.

Suggest: Bug spray and good climbing shoes. Small children will need close supervision to climb the fallen tree.

If the box needs first aid, please e-mail me at I would also appreciate hearing any comments from finders.