A Teacher's Touch  LbNA # 17079 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 2 2005
LocationLogan, OH
Found By born
Last Found May 19 2007
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: EZ
Materials Required: Journal, Pen, and stamp pad

As a group of 5 Ohio State College of Education Alumni, we take a summer teachers' excursion each year. For the past two years we have found solace in the veritable wilderness of Hocking Hills Ohio. This year we thought it would be a fantastic idea to place our very own letterbox here. So, Go Buckeyes and happy letterboxing! Watch out for wolverines!


Old Man's Cave is located off of Rt.374/664 in Hocking Hills State Park. Follow the signs to park at Old Man's Cave and pop in the nature center to learn more about this unique geological formation!

From the visitor's center, follow the signs to Old Man's Cave.

Before you reach the log cabin, make a left and you should see the sign for the Old Man's Cave Trail. Turn right to follow the trail- do not cross over the A Frame bridge in front of you.

Very soon, you will notice that the trail curves to the right. Keep following the trail because you are on the right track! Cross the wooden bridge. The path will change to rock and then back to dirt.

Right before you reach a set of cement steps, veer off the path into the grassy area on your right. Follow the curved stone wall around through the grass until you reach a pile of rocks sitting next to a pair of small pines.

Underneath the flat rock you will find A Teacher's Touch!

Make sure to be discreet as the path and road are nearby. Also, please take care in sealing the box to prevent water damage. Thank you, and remember: Teachers Touch Tomorrow!