Japanese Gardens  LbNA # 17042 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 30 2005
Locationsioux falls, SD
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We had a terrible time finding an actual spot to put this one. So our clues aren't that special or tricky.

the hardest part of finding this one is finding the entry to the gradens. I will leave youto your own devices. once you enter the gates take a leisurely walk down the path until you get to the falls that don't and the bridge to nowhere. make sure no one is lokoing and have a seat to the left of the bridge. DO NOT LET YOUR FEET HIT THE WATER. that would be bad. Even when the falls are falling it is pretty gross water. reach discreetly under the bridge until you locate the box. Stamp up and replace everything as you found it.

Don't feed the birds either. they are touchy about that.
enjkoy the lovely gardens.

this box was placed by karrateGrrl (8), Lilyka (4), BabyBean (2) and Fish Face (10)