Order in the Court  LbNA # 17006

Ownerthe B's    
Placed DateAug 1 2005
Location???, VA
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 11 2008
Hike Distance?

This county possesses the oldest continuous court records in the nation, starting in 1632 to the present. The records were moved to the county seat at the same time that the courthouse was constructed. Separate buildings, housing a clerk's office and debtor's prison, were added almost 40 years later. The courthouse has been replaced by more modern structures, but along with the clerk's office and debtor's prison, is still standing. All of the structures have been recently refurbished. If you have time, and you are visiting during normal business hours, don't miss a visit to the interiors of these old buildings, and take the time to look at those records.

NOTE: The original hiding place has been changed and the clues updated. MUCH THANKS to Mike for his invaluable assistance in moving this box to a safer location and providing the clues.

To find this box, enjoy the historic courthouse square, then drive south to county road 631 and follow it east, through the town’s only stoplight, to the park at the far
end. Make your way to the sixth hole, and then follow the boundary fence, first to the southwest, then to the southeast. Go to the spot where a pile of brush blocks the path and the neighbor’s farm field ends. Retreat 25 steps and find what you are seeking in a four pack of trees next to the path opposite the fence.

This was one of our early attempts at carving so apologies for the lack of technique. Please be discrete and rehide well. We would love any updates on the condition of the box, and any maintenance help would be much appreciated as this box was placed during a vacation trip.