Myths and Legends ONI  LbNA # 16971

Placed DateJul 30 2005
LocationPurcellville, VA
Planted ByKoyote    
Found By Nana/Ular
Last Found Nov 10 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 10 2015

This is part of an ongoing series on the myths and legends of different cultures. The ONI is from Japanese culture.The logs have the information about the image. This is a moderate hike with some very rocky footing at times. This is not recommended for younger children. The box should take about an hour and a half to 2 hours. Bring plenty of water.
Directions: From Purcellville in Northern virginia, head west on Rt. 7. Take a right onto Pine Grove Rd. (Rt.679). There is a parking area immediately on your right and trail head to the Appalachian Trail. Park here. You will be following the white blazed Appalachian trail the entire way out and back.

Clues:Head up the stairs heading north on the Appalachian Trail which is white blazed. You will soon pass by some nice rock formations on the right as you step down some stone steps. After this area, you will pass through an area of boulders rising up on your left and right. The trail will soon become more rocky, climbs briefly, and becomes a little easier on footing. After a time, you will descend slightly and come to a large boulder on your left which is at a switchback going left. Continue on heading down the ridge. Careful of your footing as it becomes rocky again. The trail will soon spill out onto a very nice rock formation with a beautiful overlook as the trail bears right again. Stop here to catch your breath and enjoy the view. Continue on the AT which is heading down the hill still. The trail is intermittently rocky and switches back a couple of more times. As you reach the bottom of this ridge, you will come to a series of streams to cross. These were low at the time of this placement, but I imagine they can be going quite heavily by the signs of previous currents. Cross these streams which will take you to log steps heading back up another ridge. Just after these steps you will cross an intersection with an unmarked trail. Continue on the white blazed AT. Your next landmark is to note an area of white quartz rocks that appear on the left and right and in the trail itself. It stands out quite a bit. After this area the trail will continue on. You will remain on this trail for a good twenty minutes or so and Eventually the trail begins to climb quite steadily during this time. The main thing to keep in mind is that the next major landmark is that you will come to a major rock outcropping with a wonderful view. Stop here and stand at the edge of this overlook and take in the view which bears 300 degrees. From this point; turn around looking back at the trail. You will notice a group of 3 large boulders with a large "Y" tree growing out from amongst them. Walk to this tree and stand on top of the large boulder behind it. Take a bearing of 150 deg. Walk in that direction for 5 steps coming to another boulder. Stand on this boulder at the farthest end.Do not continue along the rock ledge. About a foot from this boulder's base, bearing due South, is a small tree. The Branches of this tree will likely be in your face at this point. Jump down to the base of the rock by this tree. From the tree, bearing 20 degrees and at the base of the boulder will be your prize hidden behind some rocks. Take some time to stamp in at the overlook and rest. Read the information about the Oni. Contact me with the 7th word in the 3rd line of the second paragraph for a WOM box located in northern Virginia. The way back is a little more tiring. Is the Oni watching you? Please rehide this box carefully for others to enjoy.