UFOs #2: Beignet-Eating Aliens  LbNA # 16927

OwnerCeltic Lions        
Placed DateJul 30 2005
Location???, TX
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 16 2006
Hike Distance?

PLACED BY: Stillwater & Ruby Tuesday

KNOW-BEFORE-YOU-GO: This is an urban letterbox. Subterfuge and discretion will be called for! The box is hidden in a somewhat concealed area (relatively speaking), but you will still need to be stealthy.

BACKGROUND: UFOs (according to the CelticLions' Letterboxing Glossary) are Unidentified Finders Out-there...in other words, letterboxers whom we KNOW exist, but haven't been able to catch a glimpse of! The Beignet-Eating Aliens first appeared (or didn’t) at the TLRE Brazos Bend gathering in March of 2005. So this box was created in hopes that finally we'll be able to spot this UNIDENTIFIED FINDER OUT-THERE!
Everyone knows that if you want to catch a deer, you put out corn; if you want to catch a squirrel you put out nuts; and if you want to catch a BEA, you put out a brand new letterbox as close as possible to the scent of freshly baked & powder-sugared beignets.

Fill in the answers below to CREate a code which will help you locate what might be the BEA's favourite spot to stop and smell the SCENT of beignets.

1. Number of letters in the second word of the CITY known for beignets
2. Number of letters in the trailname of LA boxer who fried up batches of fresh beignets at Brazos (HINT: try Message#1860 in Texas Letterboxing Yahoo group)
3. Number of aliens who brought baked beans to Brazos
4. Last digit in the year the original Alien movie was theatrically released
5. Number of "X's" used to denote common (slightly coarser) powdered sugar, according to FOOD NETWORK Encyclopedia)

Using the above code, locate a moon-shaped urban area. From that corner, proceed directly west and then directly south. At this point you will be traveling in parallel to a street the name of which might describe our efforts to contact BEAs. Continue across an entrance until you spot three evergreen trees flanked by a brick wall on either side. To the left, the wall has 4 white caps; to the right, 6 white caps. Reach around to the back of the tree farthest to the left and at about 5 foot high you will find what you seek.

Please wipe the powdered sugar off your fingers before you log in. We don't want those BEAs to eat the stamp... Thanks for playing with us!