Birdbrain: Woodpecker  LbNA # 16903 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 28 2005
LocationLittle Falls, NY
Planted ByPaul in SF    
Found By party pig
Last Found Sep 10 2006
Hike Distance?

This birdbrained woodpecker is a VERY close neighbor of the Moss Island letterbox.

I enjoyed Moss Island a lot, and decided to further entice letterboxers to check it out or return again.

Follow the clues/directions for the Moss Island box, and when you find it, reach up to the ledge just above it, just about 2 feet higher. That's where this woodpecker perches.

Here is a copy of Lock Wench's clues to her Moss Island box. Thanks LW, for this interesting location!

MOSS ISLAND box planted by Lock Wench:
Note: This route takes some climbing over and down rock faces. Best for older children or teenagers.

Moss Island in Little Falls is home to Lock #17 on the Erie Canal. Lock #17 has the highest lift elevation of the State's canal system, 40 1/2 feet. At the time of its construction, it was the highest lift in the world. The Island has carved cliffs and “potholes” left by glaciers millions of years ago. There is also a popular rock climbing area on rock walls within a walking distance of the lock. Bring a picnic basket as this is a lovely day trip. The paths are fine for children and dogs although some of the potholes may be difficult for them to explore. Best to bring older childen or teenagers....they love it!


I-90 Thruway to Exit 29A onto RT 169 North. Go about 3 miles and turn left just before the Theodore S. Wind Bridge that crosses the Mohawk River into Little Falls. Park in the lots to the left.

From parking area, walk through the yellow gate. From here, head toward the Lock 17 stairs and go up...crossing over Lock 17. If you are lucky, you can stop and watch boats going through. When you get to the other side..walk on the left side around the building until you see the Moss Island map. Standing just to the right of the map you will see a path leading into the woods with a log across the path. Head onto this path and bear left, then follow the reddish arrows you will see painted on rocks in the woods. Many paths go off in many directions but if you follow the arrows you will be fine.

You will pass a very large wall of rock on the right and deep crevices. Step down carefully, and follow the red arrows or red spots on the trees. You will go around the back of the large rock wall. Directly in front of you is a large jumble of rocks and you can see the water from here. Climb down the rocks carefully and turn right and you will see a four trunk tree ahead of you. Turn right through a narrow path and step down. As soon as you step down you will see large carvings of potholes on your left. Continue straight past a double trunk tree and you will see “DE” written on a rock dead ahead of you with a small sapling directly above it. Before you get to the DE rock you will see a crevice open up to your left with two saplings halfway down. Climb carefully down this. Continue down this track and there will be a small landing to the left with a large overhanging rock with white paint on it. Bear to the right where there is a small carved "room" with some graffiti. To the left you should be able to see more rock formations with graffiti and a deep crack. Climb down this crack carefully. At the bottom you will be able to look up at the rusty-tinted rocks and in front of you will be the water. Standing at the shoreline, turn around and locate the two round graffiti patterns. Between these and a spade shaped graffiti pattern on another rock is another crevice with jumbled rocks. Walk back in over these rocks and you will see an opening into the rocks on the right. Walk into this tight little room and to your left you will see a rock shelf in the wall. Under this shelf is the letterbox...covered by a rock and some leaves. There is a First Finder’s certificate in this box.

Follow the same way out and follow the arrows back to the Map area. If you turn right and walk a bit you will come upon the rock faces where the climbers practice. Can you spot “Profile Rock”? Walking a little further will take you to the canal side area of Little Falls...complete with restaurants, antique shops and galleries. Enjoy!