Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Demon’s Dwelling  LbNA # 16827 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateJul 24 2005
LocationBaraboo, WI
Found By The Britcon Pride
Last Found Aug 8 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedAug 7 2017

7-AUG-17 Although box seems to be in place, the stamp is missing. Since I don't live in the area it will be a while before I can recarve and replace the stamp.

Last found/checked: 15-NOV-09 Box in great shape. Added a second logbook.

Location: state park south of Baraboo
Time: 1 - 3 hours depending on how many boxes you do
Terrain: rocky bluffs & wooded trails; several steep sections
Note: You will need a vehicle sticker to park in this area. 2007 fees are: Daily: $7/$10 for non-resident or Annual: $25/$35. Ask for a copy of the park newspaper or trail maps if you’d like to see the almost 30 miles of trails in this park.

This hike starts on the North Shore. You can either start here or look for this box as a continuation of a loop after finding the Vertical Ascent and Snake Story boxes.

Start on the West Bluff trail; the trailhead is located in the northwest corner of the beach area.

The name of this lake is based on the Indian Ho-Chunk name Day-wa-kun-chunk, meaning "Sacred Lake" or “Spirit Lake”. Still another name given by natives to this Lake, possibly of Sioux origin, is Minne-wau-ken, said by some to mean Bad Spirit Lake, while others claim it means Mystery Lake. Various names were given to this body of water over the years, but eventually the current name took hold and the lake bears it yet to this day.

Go up, up, up! Then up, up, up some more!

Many legends have attached themselves to this lake. Some say a phantom canoe can be seen gliding across the surface of the lake as the sun sets and just before the moon takes hold. Others have claimed to see a lake monster roiling the surface on many occasions.

Along the trail you’ll be looking at the scenery and great views of the lake, but also looking for a series of benches along the trail. This will give you a good excuse to sit down and rest on the benches!

Record the second year on the 1st bench: _______ (A)
Pass the 2nd bench.
Record the first year on the 3rd bench: _______ (B)
Pass the 4th and 5th benches.

Eventually you will come to a pair of benches at a nice overlook. On the bench with 4 dates, record the first year: _______ (C) and the last year: _______ (D)

From the middle of these benches, take [(A) – (B) / 2] paces in a westerly direction. Then take [(D) – (C) / 5] steps in a northerly direction. The namesake of the lake awaits you in the base of a fallen tree. Please rehide it well after stamping in.

You can now either retrace your steps or continue on the West Bluff trail to the south shore of the lake to make a loop around the lake. You can then search for two boxes on the east side of the lake (Vertical Ascent and Snake Story).

We hope you enjoyed your hunt and since we don’t live in the area we would really appreciate an update on the status of the box if you find it. We won’t be able to check on it very often…