Flower Child  LbNA # 16679

Placed DateJul 21 2005
Location???, VA
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 6 2005
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: If you know Virginia history you should be fine.
Terrain: Flat.
Estimated Time: Once you figure out it's location, the box ie relatively easy to find.

Within my lines great things have happened:
Secretariat was born here.
I am the site of the first and last battlefield win of Gen. Robert E. Lee.
I have the oldest Methodist-affiliated college.

Once you have figured out the County that I am in you should head to where:
Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison stayed (a Tavern)
Dolly Madison lived here as a young girl
you will find the only all volunteer fire department

Once you find the town that I am in follow these directions and you will find me sitting cozily.
Find the road that the Beaver clogged
Go to where the rescuers roam
When you find the roaming place, go to where the rescuers eat
I am near the big tree where the rescuers eat.