Misquanmicut Mistake  LbNA # 16554 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 13 2005
LocationCharlestown, RI
Found By Wolfy
Last Found Feb 22 2008
Hike Distance?

Difficulty - Wicked easy
Terrain - pavement and sand
Round Trip - two minutes
Planted By - River D and J

Directions from Providence, RI
Take Rte 95 S
Rte 4 S
Rte 1 S
to Westerley,RI
Follow signs to Misquanmicut State Beach
Non-resident parking weekdays - $12.00 per car
weekends - $14.00 per car
for more info, go to www.riparks.com

When you pay to park, you'll spot a beach tower with two buildings set high on pilings close to the toll booths.

One building contains the rest rooms, the other building houses the first aid and souvenir shop. There is a grand staircase from the parking lot leading up to deck.

Under this staircase are cement pilings. Behind the middle piling there is a heap of broken cement-rocks. Our letterbox is hidden there.

Why is it called Misquanmicut Mistake? Because we got lost on our way to the park we had planned on visiting and drove to Misquanmicut instead.
Why is the box so easy to find? Visit this lovely beach at high tide like we did and take a walk and explore. Then you'll figure why THAT was the best place to secure it.

There is a playground at the beach tower. There is a little waterslide, carousel and go-kart place just past the parking lot. Enjoy your day at the beach!