Paddles' Letterbox  LbNA # 16440 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 24 2005
LocationLancaster, PA
Found By a fish out of water
Last Found Nov 23 2006
Hike Distance?

Go to Lancaster County Park by taking Route 222 to King Street. If coming in from the south, turn right onto King Street, if coming from the north, turn left onto King Street.
Go one block to next traffic light and turn right onto Duke Street. At third light, continue straight on Duke Street. Go 1.5 miles and as soon as you cross over the Conestoga River bridge, immediately turn right onto Rockford Road. Take the first left onto Williamson Road. Continue straight and pass Yeates Drive (on your left), look for the first pull off area on your right (about 50 yards from Yeates Drive) and park. This hike will take about 20 minutes.

Go down the steps to the brick path. Pass the park bench on your left and go to the bottom of the brick trail. Turn left and walk until you reach the cement bridge by following the blue and red hash marks. At the end of the concrete bridge, turn left and go up the railroad tie trail. Continue until you come to a crossroads of 3 trails and turn right onto the red trail. Follow the red trail up a hill to a rock ledge pinnacle. Look at the view of the Conestoga River below you and Lancaster City ahead of you! From the pinnacle, go about 60 paces (count each foot fall) until the trail slopes upward. Turn left onto smaller trail and go 25 paces to the tree with the large vertical hole in it. Go to the back of the tree and look inside the large cavity at the base of the tree. The letterbox is on the left hand corner of the hole, hidden from view. Be careful of the “Lancaster County Sasquatch” as you reach in for the box!! Please sign in, stamp the log book, and help yourself to a small treat! When you are done, please replace the letterbox back in the left hand corner of the cavity. Thanks! When leaving the tree, continue straight down the trail hill (approximately 60 paces) to complete the pinnacle loop. Continue straight to go back to your car. Make sure the “Lancaster County Sasquatch” doesn’t follow you and hitch a ride!!