Swiper's Friends Can't Read a Map  LbNA # 16391 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 6 2005
LocationBronx, NY
Found By JerseyTrailblazers
Last Found Aug 14 2007
Hike Distance?

The A-Team wasn't available so Swiper's friends attempted to distract the zoo keepers. However, they can't quite read a map. They came close though.

Park where you would for Swiper's zoo clues...Before you enter the zoo, across the street from parking, note a large "healing totem". From here, find the enterance to the Mitsubishi River Walk.

Go up the hill and to the left. Come to a sign that says "Uplands are good for the river". Looking at the sign, go ahead 27ish degrees for 38 steps to a three sister tree. Look in the crook for Swiper's Fluttery Friend.

Back on the path, continue on noting the big rocks in a line on your left. Count 6 big rocks. See the hole that needed a box? Reach in for Swiper's Lady Friend.

On the path again, avoid the Scenic Overlook and stay to the right. Once the paths have diverged and an island of grass is now on your left. Look for the stump in the clump ( small stump of a log with small tree shoots growing out of it) on your left. Reach into the hole of the stump for Swiper's Nod to Commercialism.

Continue on down the hill as the path turns to gravel note the sign for " All connected to the river". At the right end of the sign, follow a log. At the right end of the log, follow a shiny pointy rock. At the right end of the shiny pointy rock, in the nook shaped like a V is Swiper's Froggy Friend.

All told this map reading failure should take half an hour with people ducking time included. These are all micro boxes with no ink and no log books. This is a really great walk with kids and no crowds!