5th Symphony  LbNA # 16351 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 6 2005
LocationSeattle, WA
Planted ByGreen Guillemot    
Found By Mike and Elaine
Last Found Feb 17 2007
Hike Distance?

On a recent July 4th, the warm evening air was split by the magnificent sound of Ludwig van Beethoven's epic 5th Symphony. The open air brick bandstand reverberated with sound, as the notes carried across the field and into the greenhouses. People sitting by Seward's statue rose to listen. The small group watching the Needle through the oculus turned to appreciate the music. And the guards locking the stairs up to the water tower smiled and wandered down the street to enjoy the rest of the concert.

You can enjoy the concert too, at least a little bit, if you can find the following information.

Let the year Seward's statue was erected = A

Let the year of the lily ponds' restoration = B

Let the year of birth of "Seattle's Foremost and Best Beloved Citizen" = C

The park's "eagle" stone monument sign was erected in the year = D

Youngs began his tenure as Super in the year = E

Let the birth of Noguchi's son = F

Your Prospects will surely begin to brighten when you find the pureness of the austral 'aught six. Now face (B+F-D-C) degrees and step (F-D). Then point yourself to (12*(A-E)) degrees and step another (A-E+1). Just east of your left foot in the greenery you will find the symphony playing on, tucked 12-18 inches in.

This is a very public place, so please be very discreet and rehide securely. Also, be discrete unless you are boxing with a friend. You will be doubly rewarded if you visit between 10am-4pm, as you will be able to enjoy the bonus attractions; but the box is available from dawn to dusk. All compass readings are magnetic. Incidentally, magnetic compasses are often affected by large pieces of steel! Enjoy the hunt!

the Green Guillemot