Bumble Bee  LbNA # 16285

Placed DateJul 4 2005
LocationMukwonago, WI
Planted ByFunky Frogs    
Found By Funky Monkies
Last Found Aug 12 2009
Hike Distance?

Last Checked/Found: May 06

Bumble Bee

2nd box of the "Place of the Bear" series

Go to the Mukwonago Town Park, and park in any of the designated parking spots.

What part of the body is used the most while playing soccer? _ _ _ _
The first letter(of the answer)= 1

What big letter is on the shelter? _
This= 2

What is the third letter on the concessions stand? _

Soccer players like to score a what? _ _ _ _
The first letter= 4

What word rhymes with the last answer? _ _ _ _
The first letter= 5, 2nd= 6, 3rd= 7, and 4th= 8

Go to the _ _ _ _ (space) _ _ _ _ (Put the letters in order in the spaces according to their number)

and take about 42 steps northeast to a spot where an animal could hide. Now follow the treeline to the left until you come to where the first base line extends to the treeline.
Continue walking on the right with the treeline at 45* until you get to the second tree stump. From there, keep walking along the tree line 13 steps. Turn right and take 8 steps to a fallen log resting beside a tree. The Bumble Bee is hiding between the tree and the fallen log covered by twigs and branches. Please re-hide well and contact us with the link. Thanks!

Funky Frogs

(there's more to come soon with this series)