The Amazing Series  LbNA # 16181

Placed DateJun 29 2005
LocationMiddleville, MI
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Sep 4 2010
Hike Distance?

To reach Yankee Springs Recreation Area, take US131 to exit #61. Go East on M179 approximately 7 miles. Follow signs to the park. You'll need a state park sticker, or you can get a day pass. A park map would be helpful. You can find one online or pick one up at the park.

NOTE: Part of this area is open to hunting. If you are looking for boxes during hunting season be sure to wear blaze orange!!!

This walk has a lot of climbing (seems like the hills are all “up” hills!:-)..but really they aren’t) The park has a lot of poison ivy, but if you stay on the trails and are careful, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. The boxes are placed where there is very little if any PI and if you watch where you step, you can avoid it.

Last confirmed and clues updated 10/23/08.

Mr. Hall, he had a lake, EIEIO
And by his lake he had a trail, EIEIO
With a letterbox here, and a letterbox there,
Here a box, there a box, everywhere a letterbox,
Mr. Hall he had a trail EIEIO!

Now Mr. Hall heard that there were those who would like to find those letterboxes that Grandvilla had so carefully placed on Mr. Hall’s trail, so he agreed to help those who would like to make that search!

“Start at my trail head”, says Mr. Hall.
“At the 'Y', I would follow the black arrow”, he continues.
“ Now go past the red one with a white point.”
He smiles and says, “Continue up the trail.”
”Ah, you have found my ! Amazing hill ! – down you go!”
He suggests that when the path turns to a heading of 30 degrees a lesser traveled path is desired.
“Get off your snowmobile,” he laughs, “and
proceed to the large double trunked Oak
See what a bite it took.”
A bite of what you might ask…you’ll’s amazing!
“OK now” says Mr. Hall, “back on the snowmobile
and travel SE. Again back to black; it’s joined by yellow.”
Mr. Hall begins singing, “I can see clearly now..the trees are gone”
Wiping his brow, he says, “Travel this hot, sandy way until you go up the rocky road with root steps. Much cooler here. At the 'Y' 60 degrees.”
(“G” that’s a good idea!)
“We are obviously on the high road!” Mr. Hall calls from the lead, “and take no detours at 0 degrees!”
From the green marker next to the multi-information post, 65 paces.
From the back of the black arrow, 10 degrees S of E at the base of the 'V'.
There is a downstairs apartment for rent. Amazing!”
Back to the trail you all are back on black once again.
Mr. Hall calls your attention to the fact that now the trail is shared by two…
“keep climbing!” he says huffing and puffing.
What do you think knocked down all of those trees you wonder.
“At the ‘T’ left is not right,” suggests Mr. Hall.
“Amazing!...a lake…MY lake! Want to go fishing?
At the red post on the left, after the trail turns parallel to the lake, you could sit at the stump end of a huge fallen tree – facing the lake, and maybe throw
a line to catch a fish…try it! There are amazing fish in my amazing lake!”
You then head back to the trail continue on as you were.
“Check out those trees that are loosing their skin” points out Mr. Hall.
“Planks a lot!” you add in a bit.
“You can really enjoy the view of the lake at the little clearing.” says Mr. Hall. Then he adds, “when you are given a choice, follow the path in a Northerly direction. You pass the heart carved, smooth skinned, Maple (what’s up with that?)
Then you come upon two amazing, many armed stumps!
“This clearing was not really big enough for kite flying!” says Mr. Hall sadly.
“So you just might find the fallen kite where it dived behind the fallen part of the taller stump. It is no longer flyin’ high!”
Once again you join Mr. Hall as you continue on along the trail. “J” is the way and when given a choice, follow “I”, calls Mr. Hall.
“Now” Mr. Hall informs you, “ You have a couple of choices…you can call it quits and go back to your car because you are all tired out. Or you can find one more box
before you stop. If one more is your choice, let’s
follow the “H” Easterly (I thought follow the “H” was nicer than go to “H”!:-)”)
You find you are beckoned by the friendly white on red arrow again.
“Notice all these tall dead sentinels,” mentions Mr. Hall.
“Another clue” you hear him say. ”At the post of many choices, you should travel in the direction of the arrow indicated by the letter 'P'." At the 2nd wooden ski post you find a triple trunked Maple. Mr. Hall tells you to "take 40 paces at 60 degrees from that tree. Stop! Then 36 paces at 300 degrees."
Now you’re through.
Mr. Hall happily leads you back the way you came, and all too soon your quest has ended and you are back at your car.
What an amazing adventure!