The Flying Tree Frog  LbNA # 16160 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 1 2005
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationCambria, CA
Planted ByChakkababy    
Found By churken
Last Found Aug 29 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 30 2015

The Flying Tree Frog

Take the 101 North to Cambria.
Turn Left at the first signal on to Ardath.
Continue on Ardath after the Stop sign.
Right turn on Trenton.
Pass Kenneth.
Trail Head on Left Between Warren and Amhurst.
Sign on Large Pine reads “Bill Kerr Trail”.

Head down the stairs onto the main trail- South.
Cross the small Wooden Bridge- North.
Right at Fork in trail after Bridge.
Right at next Fork in trail: Stay to the Right-North.
Continue on the main trail through the field, and into the woods.
Stay on the main trail through the woods!
As you’re coming out of the woods take the first fork to the Right-North.
Take the next fork Left: It’s pretty close (45 Paces) - West.
This small trail will lead you out of the woods.
This trail will merge with a larger trail: Go Right- NW.

Continue on this trail until you reach a bench at the end of a long line of trees.
Follow this line of trees to the North.
(The trees will be to your left)

1. Go to the Northern Perimeter of the one who stands alone for he is currently Right.

2. Take (The two at the front of “thirsty”, and wash away the first from “dirty”) paces at "ytfif" Degrees.

3. You stand before a large "koa" with exposed “sroto”.

4. The first in famine shall remove the first in feast, and reveal the location in the belly of this beast.