Trusty Terrapin  LbNA # 16128 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 27 2005
LocationOroville, CA
Found By The Xchens
Last Found May 20 2010
Hike Distance?

[Confirmed OK May2010. Need adoption by caring letterboxer. --Choi, LbNA Webmaster]

In Oroville, take Oroville Dam Blvd. way up to the hilltop. Park near the Visitor's Center and explore the area behind the center. When you locate the trail marker for the Chapparal Trail and the Dan Beebee Trail, take the one that goes left. Pass the horse trough then stay left past the picnic bench. Continue to the triangular sign marking the multiuse trail and take the right fork. Stop and say hello to Don and Gwen's Dam Raccoon. From the Raccoon take another 360 steps or so down the trail. Stop at a large upright rock on the right edge of the trail with a manzanita tree behind it. Take 10 steps down the trail, passing another manzanita. Stop at a cluster of red boulders on the right. Trusty Terrapin hides under smaller rocks on the north side, between red and gray rocks.