Camp Loads of Fun  LbNA # 16118 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 3 2005
LocationKillington, VT
Planted ByJess    
Found By J.E.S.S.
Last Found Oct 22 2010
Hike Distance?

Camp Loads of Fun is located at the Sherburne Pool on River Road in Killington Vermont. This is a day camp for children ages 4-9. We play a lot of outdoor games, do arts and crafts, and swim every afternoon! We are located in a beautiful location that provides a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains. To get to the starting place of this letter box you will drive on Route 4. If you are coming from Rutland you should take a left onto River Road about a 1/4 mile after you pass the access road to Killington. If you are coming from Woodstock turn right onto River Road after passing Bear Mountain. There is a white church right next to the road so you can't miss it! Follow the 25MPH road for about a will pass the Sherburne Library on your left, the Killington Recreation and Parks Department on your right, and then you will see the Sherburne Pool on your left. Just past that is the Killington Town Hall. That is where your adventure begins.

NOTE: This is quite easy to find because it was our first letterbox at camp.

In front of this building are two flagpoles. Stand between them and face the building. Turn right and go around the building. In front of you will be a hill that leads down to a playground. At the bottom of that hill stand near the bench that is closest to the pavillion. Face the your right you will see three trees in a row. Walk past those three trees and onto a soccer field. You will pass by a pool on the left. When you have gotten half way across the field turn left and you will see the a pool on the left and tennis courts on the right. Walk between them into a parking lot. Walk through the parking lot until you reach a small tree at the far end. Read the plaque. You will find the treasure you seek under the bush straight ahead. Good luck! We will be checking the box throughout the summer so please come visit us soon!!!