The Big Spring  LbNA # 15995

Placed DateJun 15 2005
LocationStowe, VT
Planted ByVermont    
Found By Rabbit's Relations
Last Found May 19 2014
Hike Distance?

Puzzle Difficulty: Moderate
Terrain Difficulty: Moderate
Estimated Time: 45 – 90 Minutes

Directions to The Big Spring Letterbox starting location:
Turn left out of the Stowe Inn parking area. After 7.4 miles you will pass the Spruce Peak parking lot on right. Travel 1.5 miles further to a small parking area on the right with a stream flowing from a spring.

The Big Spring Letterbox Instructions:
From the parking lot, take the path on your left 68 steps to a trail intersection. Veer right and follow the trail until you have a large boulder on your right.

Stand with your back to the large boulder, along the section that hangs over your head. Turn ninety degrees to your right.

Walk ahead and up to stand in the small flat area between two sloping rocks. Parallel to the second rock, to the left, is a small cave-like opening thirty feet ahead.
After going through the cave, you see a large rock in front of you. Pass around it on the right side.
Twenty paces ahead you will be able to walk through a narrow space between two rocks that are almost six feet high.

After passing through the cleft, look for a large fallen tree in the distance.

Twenty steps past the log, find Rich & Dawn. Stand with them.

Turn ninety degrees left. Follow the old trail up, one step for every letter of the alphabet. On your right will be a large boulder, with two large maple trees acting as bookends.

The letterbox you seek is behind the right bookend, under the rightmost book. This letterbox is well hidden in its hiding place.

Congratulations on finishing this quest. Add an entry to the log book about your experience.

When you are finished, please put the letterbox back in its hiding place and cover it up in the same fashion you found it. This is a well traveled area so make sure the box is in its proper place and covered with leaves.