A Beautiful View From the Top  LbNA # 15971 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 23 2005
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationSan Luis Obispo, CA
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A Beautiful View From the Top

As of August 29 this box is confirmed missing. I will replace it in a few weeks. I searched for it several times and then confirmed it was taken when I found the stamp book inside the Geo Cache box with a note saying they had combined the two and took the stamp leaving something else in the box. I am becoming a firm believer that the Geo Cache people are jealous that letterboxing is more fun then their game. I believe it is them since there has been two letterboxes in this same location and both have gone missing but the Geo Cache has been there a few years.

The view is wonderful, Beautiful vinyards in one direction, the city of San Luis Obispo in another and the airport yet in another. From this point you can see all of San Luis Obispo, California. If you are visiting from out of town it is a great hike early in the morning with your camera. The elivation is 777 feet. It can be a little difficult at times but only because the hike is mostly uphill. But I have seen boyscout troops and grandmothers make the hike with their dogs. Take your time and enjoy it.


There was once a letterbox here that was named after the hill it is on. The clues are still listed on this web site. The box has been missing for several months so I replaced it with one of my own. If you find the clues to the other box you will find mine. But if you don't want to read through the other clues to find it, try another approach. Also check out the link provided above. It will give you a clue and may make it easy once you see it. If not, you can learn a little history about the place before your hike.

Do map search for the street I live on (Ironbark). Once you find the street look around and find the largest hill you can see. Walk toward it at the end of the street. At the end of Ironbark there is a paved trail, continue on the trail and at the bridge turn to the right without crossing it. Follow the trail and stay left at the next "Y". Here you will see a another bridge, cross it and continue on your walk. When you get to the road, cross it and to the left then continue down the road on the other side (NOT the trail or the road you just crossed). (Do not follow the road you just crossed) At the end of a cul-de-sac you will find a trail head. Just follow the trail all the way to the top of the hill. It will wind around the hill. Stop and enjoy the views every now and then. Once at the top of the hill you should climb the small pole just so you can say you really reached the highest point of the hill. After this is done climb back down and look around. The box will be hidden somewhere up here. I put it near a fence post with an old metal box on it at the end of the trail, but it may have moved around. There is another Geo Cache box here too. Why not take a look at it while you are here. You will appreciate letterboxing more. Total time from Ironbark and back is about 1.5 hours. If you take the kids it will probably be longer because you may walk through a park with toys.

Congratulations, you found it! Drop me a line and let me know how your experience was and where your from. This is my first box and the kids and I are looking forward to hearing from you. You can email me at: chdetrick@aol.com

Happy hunting