Boots' Treasure Chest  LbNA # 15941 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 19 2005
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationCambria, CA
Planted ByChakkababy    
Found By Bernritter Family
Last Found Aug 14 2010
Hike Distance?

Boots’ Treasure Chest

I just updated this letterbox info page. The box is still dry and intact. No one has been there this year. Who will be the first in 2008?

A challenging adventure with multiple riddles and clues. If you’re up for a little adventure this will be a lot of fun.
Plan on spending at least a half hour on it at the minimum. It does require some hiking, so be sure to bring some water, and a compass. These woods are beautiful. You may see some deer, and other critters while you’re there. This Box is named after Boots, a fat little black cat with white feet who frequents these woods. Keep an eye out, cause you might even see him. -Good Luck!

Location: Cambria, CA.

Traveling North on Hwy 1.
Turn Right (North) onto Burton Drive.
Left at the Stop sign to continue on Burton Drive.
Turn Right on to Main Street.
Make your second Left onto “Bridge Street”.
Drive to the top of the hill (Less than a mile)
Road Sign will say “Road ends 500 ft”.
You will go over 4 sets of speed bumps.
Go about 25 feet past the last speed bumps.
The “Trail Head” is on the Left.
Look for the “No Hunting” Sign posted at the Trail Head.

Do not park here! Drive about 100 feet past the trail head. The main office to the Cemetary will be on your left. You can park in the shade under the Oak trees on the right. Please be discrete.

The Adventure:
Head: South on the Main trail.
Fork 1: Stay to the Left –South.
Fork 2: Stay to the Right- South.
Fork 3: Choose the trail less Grand, opposite the setting sun.
Fork 4: Head East on the trail containing elements of the beach.
Fork 5: Right -East.
Fork 6: You must now choose the beginning of the "story" with the end of a "laugh" on the outside of an "out".
Fork 7: Sharp Left -East.
Fork 8: Stay left on the main trail -South East
Fork 9: Left onto the trail less traveled -North-East.

You are close:
Continue 43 paces to the remains of a fallen tree in the trail.
Continue 75 paces: Look about 10 feet to your left. Here Mother nature’s arm will be pointing in the direction of the box.
Continue 22 more paces on the trail.
Follow the fallen trees for Guidance to the next location.
Follow this Guidance for 22 paces.
Step over the large fallen pine into a small clearing with a large Pine in the center. (Don't trample the baby Pines)

The Clue:
Three Great Sisters guard the west with far less than half their reach.