Faery Tryst Series (3)  LbNA # 15923

Placed DateJun 13 2005
LocationBellingham, WA
Planted ByClioMouse    
Found By Shutterbugg
Last Found Jun 21 2008
Hike Distance?

This box picks up where the Padden Puppy Trove box can be found. Look to those directions for ECO Trekker's clues to get to that box!

This path was pretty muddy, after some heavy rains, when we went to plant the boxes. Plenty of people (ourselves included) made it in tennis shoes and Tevas, but little ones might be a bit challenged. Some of the path is also a little steep, but nothing extraordinarily strenuous. Be careful of some of the slippery spots, though, if it's still muddy! We also encountered some hungry mosquitos, so bring your bug spray! Total distance, including to the Puppy Trove, is probably a couple of miles.

A little boy faery and a little girl faery had come to Lake Padden to meet each other at their favorite mushroom. However, along the way, they got lost! It's up to you to rejoin them in your Letterboxing book! (These stamps fit together to make one picture at the end. Note how they look in the logbooks to make sure you get them stamped in right! Or you can be creative and stamp them however you want...!)

Directions to boxes:

Box #1:
From the Padden Puppy Trove, go back up the path you just came down (thus, leaving the stump 15 strides behind you and on the right) and go back to the equestrian trail, up which you traveled 80 strides. Instead of heading back down the equestrian trail the way you came, go left, uphill. After walking uphill a minute or two, you will come to a wooden step. 18 paces (about 36 steps) beyond this wooden step you will come to an 8-trunked fir tree on your left. On the downhill side of this tree, behind a sword fern, is the first Faery Tryst Letterbox.

Box #2:
After re-hiding the first box well, head on up the hill. It's a hike, but the little boy faery is waiting for you just after the path levels out! After this point, there is a large stump on your left. On the side from which you approach, in the roots of the stump, is the second Faery Tryst Letterbox.

Box #3:
Re-hide the boy well and head on. The last box is quite a walk away, but there are some neat things to see along the way, so keep going!!! Eventually, you will come to a big fork in the path. You will want to take the right of the two paths that lead off in front of you, but stop just after you pass the big tree on your right. Turn around to face the direction from which you just came and look at the base of the tree. Hidden in the roots is the final Faery Tryst Letterbox.

To get back to the parking lot near the off-leash area, continue down the path (that right fork you took) to the gravel path and take a right. Keep going that general direction, essentially counter-clockwise around the lake, and you should get back to the lot fairly easily.

Thanks for hunting, and e-mail ClioMouse at yahoo dot com to let me know how the boxes are doing!