Western Washington University Series (2)  LbNA # 15922 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 30 2005
LocationBellingham, WA
Planted ByClioMouse    
Found By fruity_zoo
Last Found May 7 2010
Hike Distance?

9/18: Both boxes probably doing fine. Confirmation of second being alive and well, but not confirmed on the first.

Planted by ClioMouse and Vida

About the campus:
Western Washington University was established just over 100 years ago, and has come a long way from the single-building normal school (college to educate teachers) from which it started. Constantly expanding, the university now accommodates a wealth of students and a variety of majors, as well as an outdoor artwork exhibit that can be viewed at any time of any day. Portions of the buildings themselves also embrace artwork, so keep your eyes open!

While exploration of the campus can prove fun, please, be respectful! It takes a lot to keep the campus in good condition, so please help the grounds and maintenance crews by picking up litter (yours and others’...) and keep your dogs on leashes and pick up after them. The campus is also kid-friendly, as they can interact with much of the outdoor artwork, but make sure they remain respectful, too, i.e. no picking flowers... Thank you!!

Directions to starting point:
Go to WWU’s web site for directions and parking information. It is best to go on a weekend or after 5p.m., when more parking is available for free and there are fewer people. It is best to park in one of the Commuter, or “C,” lots at the south end of campus, which are the large gravel ones near Fairhaven College and the Wade King Recreation Center.

Directions to boxes:
Box #1
From the C-lot by Fairhaven College, go north through the tunnel at the north end of the parking lot. Follow the path past unproductive stairs, a bit of the Middle Ages, and up some productive stairs. At the top of the productive stairs, you will be facing the San Juans. (If you figure out how these actually ARE the San Juans, let me know…I still can’t figure it out!) The large island nearest you (more north than west) is where you want to dock your boat. Some little green men may help you in doing so. On the north end of this island is a mass of rocks. Under one of these boulders, on the south side, is the first WWU Letterbox.

Box #2
From the first box, continue north-ward past the wooden pyramid. After a stroll down a slope, go up some small steps and past a tribute to Mr. Fisher, then keep right of Mabel Zoe Wilson’s tribute. The grass is green on the other side. Down Memory Walk, admire the earliest building at Western. Take a left and walk over many names to a rock devoted to a woman and birds. From this rock, roughly twenty steps to the left brings you to a small entry into the sanctuary. In a “Y” of one of the large trees to your right, probably about an adult’s head-level, is the second WWU Letterbox. If you reach the birdbath or the Narnia Lamp, you’ve gone too far.

From here, you can head back the way you came, or meander and explore more of the campus. Stop off in the Viking Union Underground Coffee House for a beverage or ice cream, or, if it’s Monday-Saturday, the bookstore may be open. Be sure to head over to the large orange artwork, south of the bookstore, to see the view of Bellingham Bay from the Performing Arts Center Plaza!

Also in the area is the Badtz-Maru Parasite Letterbox, so be sure to check it out, too!

Please e-mail ClioMouse at yahoo dot com with updates! Thank you!