East - West Ranch *MISSING*  LbNA # 15883 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 18 2005
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationCambria, CA
Planted Byaka lost    
Found By monotonia
Last Found Mar 19 2006
Hike Distance?

Since the reconstruction of this area we have had to remove the box until they are finished in this area. We'll replace the box. Look for new update.

This box is an easy find and our first in the Central Coast Series. You need to walk a short distance, strollers are possible but maybe a bumpy ride. If you get tired or just want to relax and enjoy the view which is spectacular there are benches.
If you know Cambria then you'll know right where to go. The entrance to the Ranch is on the Terrace side not the Park side. If you're not that familiar with Cambria then you'll have to follow the clues.


1) Hwy 1, you've arrived in Cambria.

2) turn South on a street that has the same last name as one of Elizabeth Taylor's husbands (traffic light).

3) at the stop sign you'll drive UP towards the ocean -WEST. If you've turned the wrong way you will be starting over.

4) driving on this road is like a roller coaster ride.

5) Did you pass the Gallant Horseman on your right?

6) Many turns - up & down. Don't deviate from the main road. There are many ways to get to the Ranch but this one is the LEFT way.

7) at the end of this ride it looks to be the Ranch -wrong one. it's private, stay out. Nice piece of Real Estate though.

8) turn towards the ocean - always the ocean. You are now in a section of Cambria called Marine Terrace and on a street named after a cigarette.

9) You'll be passing many names but the one you're looking for is the first name of an actor who was Legolas in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Still don't know - it's the name of a popular city in Florida.

10) You are just about there - can you see the entrance, it's to the North. Park on the street of Windsor at the end.

11) Take the wood trail, cross over the wood bridge - start counting wooden posts on the ocean side only.

12) Walk out to the first point at the 7th post, look towards the ocean for the largest bush. Underneath on the ocean side you will find the box. If you get to the first bench on the right you've gone too far turn around and count eight posts back.

This is a well used trail. Many eyes!
Please look for our other boxes coming to this area real soon!