Wildwood State Park  LbNA # 15878 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 18 2005
LocationWading River, NY
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Here's the Wildwood State Park Letterbox!

To get directions to the park go to www.mapquest.com, the address is:
Wildwood State Park
Wading River, New York, 11792

And if that doesn't help you, the park's phone number is (631) 929-4314.

1. Once you get into the park area, park your car in parking lot One, the lot which lets out into the beach area.

2. Make a left onto the paved path out of the parking lot, there are a couple of paths, but you'll know your on the right one if you see a bike rack, a house, and a blue garbage can at the start of the path.

3. Make a left, and take the path down to the beach.

4. The way to turn is up to you, but if you see a tree that looks like a backwards check mark, that goes from the hill into the sand, you'll know your going the right way.

5. Find the white tie, and go a little past it, and the box will be hidden in the nook of a sideways tree pointing up!

*There is a small surprise for the first couple of people who find this box*