Earl of Orford  LbNA # 15843 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCollins Clan    
Placed DateJun 16 2005
Location??????, NH
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This box has been taken (sadly)...It wasn't in danger of flood waters & was checked afterwards for damage..so until we can replace it, it is currently out of commision. Sorry!

Please do not think this mystery letterbox is completely cheesy, there are many holes in it. Don't get bogged down with all the details. Today, it is still all relative!
One and two make three, Find the town that was granted No. 3 in 1736. If you're keen, head north up one and two, as the heroic U.S. Senator from Massachusetts would have, if the road had been here during the American Revolution.
When you enter Town No.3, you may feel you need a "rest"- Miss Alcott and Miss Dickenson "stop"ped here too.
Look for the "trees" named after the Senators great granddaughter to take a rest. BEWARE!! there are two of these, So stay away from the side of the river! Instead cross the road, go past the rock, and up the stairs, into the woods.
At the top of the stairs take a sharp left, follow the path along the ridge of the hill (Do not take small paths off the sides of it- stay straight!) When the hill starts to go down again, look ahead for a pile of trees (logs about 2 feet in diameter) they will be just in front of a wire fence. Look in the end of the pile of three, behind a piece of bark.
Please rehide in the same place. When you turn around you'll see a short cut back to the parking lot.
This is an easy "Drive By", once you figure out where it is, of course! Have fun....

Please let us know what you think and any problems
The Collins Clan

Please note:
There are some steep areas!! Keep little ones near, the path to the right has a big drop off.That is why we planted it to the left. If you have little ones, stay left. Thanks