Riga Fortification  LbNA # 15821

Placed DateJun 14 2005
CountyOther International
LocationRiga, Latvia, INT
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Hike Distance?

We'll start you from the Dome Cathedral in Old Town. You may be able to get here another way but who knows. We kept coming back to the Dome so if you get lost you may end up there anyway. This box is relatively small and you'll need your own stamp pad.

From the open area outside the Cathedral head to the green building with the iron balcony. Go down the street on the right and make a quick turn into Smilsu Iela.
Pass the 1902 building but check it out before passing by.
Bear to the left.
You will pass an office of the US Embassy the go around the Gunpowder Tower.
From here head down Tornu Ieta checking out the restored Jacob's Barracks on the right and then the old fortification wall on the left. When you get to IIC turn around and look for the canon.
Sit on the wooden "platform" at the back end and feel behind you and behind the wooden block. There you'll find what you're looking for.
Watch out for tour groups and other people and the security cameras. Be discreet!

Please send me a status. We won't be getting back here to check on it.