Leave it to beavers (missing 3/2006)  LbNA # 15771 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 12 2005
LocationSeattle, WA
Found By Amanda from Seattle
Last Found Sep 4 2005
Hike Distance?

Did you know that beavers live in Seattle?
More than 8 species of fish, 11 species of mammals and 85 species of birds live at Meadowbrook Pond. You can walk there from 35th Ave NE, across from Meadowbrook Community Center.
From 35th, follow the path across the bridge. Farther, at the intersection of paths, go right, but not a hard right, to the boardwalk. Go way out to the third section of the boardwalk to see the beaver dam -- it's on the right side.
Also note the big black boxes way up on wooden posts -- they're bat boxes, and they're painted black so they absorb maximum heat during the day to keep the bats warm. Bats help control the insect population, a big help in a swampy area like this.
Now, to find the letterbox, backtrack to the beginning of the boardwalk and head for the stylized longhouse on the left. Across from the longhouse is a big, black sound-reflecting wall. (The sound is most reflecting when you're near the stone in the middle.)
See the stone at the right base of the wall? Go sit on it, and reach behind the wall.