freedom in death  LbNA # 15728

Placed DateJun 4 2005
Location???, NH
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 4 2013
Hike Distance?

from what i understand this box is no longer accessible by car. something about no money to pay anyone to open the gate. you are allowed to walk in. took me about 50 minutes on a leisurely walk.

first solve the clues for "it's a jungle out there". look across, you will see where to go. there are 2 parking lots. you want the original one with the gate. journey on straight through this gate, continue on past the bulletin board with no turns. the road will narrow a couple of times and go up and over a hill or two. you will see a rock about 15' high shaped somewhat like the state of new hampshire. someone has written "you are here" on the bottom right side. there is a small trail here. guess that is where you will be a walking. this trail is not blazed or marked in anyway, however it is not difficult to follow.

the trail will curve and the water will be on your right. after a bit you will see a 6' stump on your left and soon after that the trail will branch. go to the left up a little rise between the beaver tree and moss feet. at the top of the rise look to your left for a tree with funky feet. here waits one who is at last free.